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We concentrate to offer High Efficiency Products from Japan such as DC Inverter Heat Pump and DC Inverter Air-conditioner, which have most economical and effective operation in Air-conditioning system.
All systems are adopted New Refrigerant R32/R410A as OZON DEPLETION FACTOR IS ZERO and we dedicate ourselves to introduce quality products on the preservation of natural environment.
Air to Water Heat Pump
Mono Bloc Type

All-In-One for Space
Heating & Cooling System

Adopted DC Inverter
technology provide
High Efficiency &
High Capacity

Very Compact &
Light Weight design

Easy Installation &
Easy Maintenance

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Adopted R410A as a New Refrigerant

DC Inverter and Heatpump System

Modern Design & High Efficiency

Great Features for Easy Operation

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Air Purifier

Filter with High-Functioning :



Activated Carbon Deodorising



Vitamin C3

Active Ion Generating Device

Air volume control

Timer function

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Components for Air-conditioning and Refrigeration
Components for <BR>Air-conditioning and Refrigeration<BR>
Various Japanese Components
of Air-conditioner
for OEM , besides,
service market.

Various Japanese components
of Refrigerator
for OEM , besides ,
service market.

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Storage Type Water Heater
Storage Type Water Heater
1-Tank, 2-Circulation system

Heating & Hot Water Supply

Detachable Remote Control Equipped

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Various accessories
for installation of
such as Insulated
Copper Tube ,
Drain Hose and others.

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