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Cordless Flaring Tool : RF20S
REX Copper Tubing Tool
Features the following differences compared to previous models (in comparison with our previous products)

1. Lighter More Compact
Main body weight is reduced by 28% (including battery) and compact design enabling easier operation in confined spaces.

2. More Powerful
More powerful, with Li-ion battery voltage increased from 9.6 V to 10.8V. Li-ion batteries allow you to recharge anytime without worring about the ‘memory effect’ of NiCd batteries.

3. Clamp with One-action Mechanism
Enables speedier work, using a clamp that can be opened and closed with a one-action mechanism.

4. More Complete Accessories
Scrubber and efficient RB tube cutter with its deft sharpness are included as standard. The free space in the carrying case can housesmall articles with ease.

■ Main Body Specification

■ Battery Specification

One-Action Mechanism

The clamped position of the copper tube is fixed using a stopper,eliminating unevenness in the flaring of the copper tube.

Eccentric Cone

The eccentric cone moves forward with a rotary motion, to gradually push and expand the inner diameter of the copper tube.
The forward movement of the cone is then stopped by the clutch, which activates at a predetermined pressure. The flared surface of the copper tube is finished clean by the cone's rotary motion.

Compact and Light-weight

The overall depth is downsized by 45mm. (or 27%), and the weight by 365 g.(or 28%) by comparison with our previous models, enabling easier operation in confined spaces.

Standard Accessories

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