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Built-in Kitchen System

We offer " Built-in Kitchen " from Japan
which is made of High-Quality Enamel Steel Sheet.

 Enamel Sheet Special Features

1 ) High-Strength ( 1 Kgs Iron Ball droping test )
The enamel surface doesn't chip even
when a 1 kg iron ball is dropped on it from a height of 1 meter.

2 ) High-Durability ( Registers 6 Mohs hardness test )
Our enamel registers 6 of Mohs hardness test,
meaning far more durable than other housing materials.
It won't even scratch with a scrub brush.

3 ) Easy Cleaness ( Oil smudges can be simply wiped away )
Because enamel is non-absorbent, oil smudges can be simply wiped away.

4 ) Corrosion Proof
Because its surface is glassy, enamel almost never oxidizes, even when immersed in water.

5 ) Water, Chemical, Heat Registance
The surface of high-quality enamel has a glassy material that is unaffected by humidity.

What's Enamel Sheet?

It is created with Japanese craft works by the combination of glassy materials
and steel metal sheet stick together in 850 Celsius degrees furnace,
and its resulting realize to obtain two material's characters,
strong as steel metal, shining beautiful as glass.

These characters are very strong for Water, Oil and Heat ,
which is normally used in daily cooking works and
it bring unfeding ethernal beauty with easy maintenance.

The hard and smooth surface allows smear to be quickly wiped off,
thus ensuring everlasting cleanliness.

Enamel is not damaged even by rubbing wire brush.

Enamel does not fade or change in color
even if exposed to high temperatures.

Not only the face and back of the doors but all parts
including the cabinet are made of enamel steel sheets.

 Flexible Design

You can choose color, style and layout which you like
from various line-up to fit your life-style.
Below are only examples.


LE series -

FR series - ROCHE ROSE



Other Features

Stainless Steel Sink


Kitchen Panel

Other Kitchen Equipment

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