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FETA Cheese


Delicious Life with Greek Feta cheese

* Unique, Rich, New flavour,
Rare Delicious Cheese from Greece.

* P.D.O. : Protected Designation of Origin
Brined curd cheeses made only in some specified areas in Greece.

* Traditionally produced from fresh Sheep & Goat milk.
Exclusively produced from sheep and goat milk by traditional way
in accordance with EU legislation.
The milk is collected daily directly from local milk producers
and processed the same day to ensure freshness

Proper Quality control & Reliable Production
by well known company
The company is FETA VASSILITSA is one of the brands of FETA, and connoisseurs know this to appreciate the world.

GREEK Local Dishes



Cuisine with Feta & Olive oil

*Marinated Feta*


*Spinaches & Feta Omelet*

*Shrimp & Feta Pilaf*

*Tomato & Feta Hors d'oeuvre*

*Feta Spring Roll*


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