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Freezer & Refrigerator

We are pleased to introduce Next generation of Commercial Freezer and Refrigerator.
We offer Energy-saving, High-performance, Smart & Modern design and Better safety product made in Japan.
Commercial Freezer & Refrigerator

Energy-Saving of the Next Generation


= Eco Friendly

For Multi Solution

・Food Processing Plants
・Bekary & Sweets Shop
・School Kitchens
・Welfare Facilities

and so on.

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Biomedical Science

Various Product Range

・Low Temperature   Incubator
・Medical Cold Storage Showcase
・Slim Type Medicinal Freezer & Refrigerator
・Medicinal Cool Box
・Biomedical Freezer

and so on.

For Multi Solution

・Physical and Chemical
・Science Laboratory,
・Medical Institution,
・Chemical Industry...

and more.

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