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The concept of products we offer are quality products from Japan , which are in the field of HOME APPLIANCES, BUILDING MATERIAL, MACHINERY, ENVIRONMENT, FOOD & FOOD MACHINERY and FREEZER & REFRIGERATOR .
Home Appliance
We concentrate to offer High Efficiency Products from Japan such as DC Inverter Heat Pump and DC Inverter Air-conditioner, which have most economical and effective operation in Air-conditioning system.
All systems are adopted New Refrigerant R32/R410A as OZON DEPLETION FACTOR IS ZERO and we dedicate ourselves to introduce quality products on the preservation of natural environment.
Building Material
Building Material We offer various products from Japan in building material field such as Alminum ( Aluminium ) Structure Products.
Especially , Our Aluminum Carport Kits are impressed in the market with fully customer satisfaction in many countries as simple installation and easy transportation.
We believe that the trend of carport , car sheds and garage in the near future will change to our Aluminium Carport as standard from conventional style.
Machinery We introduce quality machinery and useful tools from Japan , which have various and wide range.
Environment We offer the products related to energy-conservation and preservation of natural and human environment.
Food & Food Machinery
Food & Food Machinery We introduce our selected foods and food preparation machinery from Japan.
Freezer & Refrigerator
Next generation of Commercial Freezers and Refrigerators.
Energy-saving, High-performance, Smart & Modern design and Better safty product made in Japan.
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